Anti-virus IS a Virus!

When your computer starts acting funny the first thing you think is, “Do I have a Virus?”

The best way to tell if you have a virus is to look at the bottom of your screen on the task bar and see if you have Norton, McAfee or any other “Anti Virus Software” loaded on your PC.

Here is a little known fact about Virus software and Viruses. And let me start by saying that I have been in the IT business since before most people even heard the word computer.

I have seen some pretty not so amazing things. One of those Not so amazing things is that someone spent hundreds if not thousands of hours programming a virus just to slam someones computer that they don’t even know. Why you ask?

Here is the answer… If I developed viruses and started spreading them out amongst a fledgling computer user community knowing that there was no defense against those pesky premeditated bugs, Why would I not create a defense for that threat?

Well guess what! Along comes McAfee, Norton and a crap load of other Anti Virus software developers to conveniently save you from the world!

Are you following me here? Lets go back to the Good old days or should I say the “Old Good Fella Days” LOL. The common source of revenue for Mobsters and Gang members was to go to a shop owner and kick his ass once a week or so.

After a couple weeks they would have another member of “The Family” go in and offer protection for an exuberant price and all of your trouble are over! Or are they?

Of course Guido #2 goes back to Guido #1 and gives him his cut and the beating stops! Only to start back up again in a few months by Guido #3.

This means you constantly need to update your protection plan. (WEIRD!) All of a sudden, this scenario sounds really familiar?

Conspiracy Theory? NO, Just another genius entrepreneur preying on the fears and weaknesses of the masses. Not very nice but a damn good idea! Way to Go Mcafee!

OK, so now what? There are a few things you can do to to stop the bleeding:

  1. You can try asking Guido to stop kicking your ass, but good luck with that. The family has gotten too use to the extra cash flow.

  3. When you buy your next computer at Best Buy and they tell you they will have to take the PC and load their software on it. Just say NO!!!That software will include the latest and greatest version of “Please come and get me” software along with some is’nt it time to bring me back to Best Buy software.

  5. If you end up with a computer that won’t come on or is so slow you can cook a Thanks Giving Turkey before it gets to your desktop then you have probably been visited by Guido!”At this point, if you can access you computer at all, backup all of your personal files and reload your O.S. (Operating System) from the restore disk that came with it. If that is not your skill set then call a professional and have them do it.But most importantly… when you get the new OS on the PC , immediately remove all anti Virus Viruses and Never go to Porn Sites or Gambling sites. Oh and stay away from “Lime Wire” as well!

Obviously if you are uncomfortable with all of this then do what you do. I will say this as a statistical fact. Over the last 10 years I have probably advised hundreds if not thousands of close friends, customers and network users of this and never in that time has one person ever came back to me and said “Way to go moron! I have a Virus on my computer.” These stats include myself and I can’t remember how many different PC servers and Laptops I have had without incident. You be the judge! Good Luck and God Bless!

Robert Moore – DISConline

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